Participate in ChargeHub's Photo Campaign and Earn Free Charging Credits!

Join Us in Enhancing the ChargeHub Community EV Charging Experience!

With over a million yearly users, the ChargeHub community can enhance the EV charging experience to support transport electrification. How? Simply by sharing pictures of charging sites across Canada. We will reward you with free charging credits, so the more you participate, the more you win! 

Charge Up with Free Charging Credits!

For each eligible photo submitted during the campaign period the rewards will be given as follows:

  •  $5 in public charging credit for a photo of a rapid charging site (Level 3)

  •  $1 in public charging credit for a photo of a Level 2 charging site

Eligible Photos

Two criteria must be met for a photo to be eligible:

  1. There should be no existing photo of the charging site before the addition of your photo. 
  2. The photos must showcase the environment of the charging site: while being able to easily locate the charging station within the photo.

This user has taken two images, one showing the sign of the gas station, thereby making it easier to locate.

The second image shows the position of the charging station in its surroundings.

Here's an example where the charging station is more difficult to spot. The user has assisted other EV drivers by circling or adding an arrow pointing towards the charging station.

In the example below, the charging station is located in a multi-level parking facility. It's always beneficial to add a photo of the level where the charging station is situated, as well as other elements that help to locate it.

Examples of non-eligible photos: 

These photo examples do not show the surrounding environment, which makes their location impossible to determine and therefore, ineligible for the contest.

How to participate in the Campaign

1.Download the ChargeHub app on your smartphone

2. Create an account on the ChargeHub app and add “CH Travel” at the end of your alias name to identify contest participants.

Here's how to create a ChargeHub account in the app. You can refer to the following image for an explanation:

1. Open the app. You will see an option to log in or sign up. Click on "Sign Up".

2. You will need to provide information such as your email, a username, and create a password. Make sure to add "CH Travel" at the end of your username. For example, you could register as ''Arnold CH Travel''. This helps us identify campaign participants and allocate recharge credits to individuals who have taken valid photos at eligible sites.

3. After clicking next and entering your information, click on the "Sign up" button. A confirmation email will then be sent to you.

4. Confirm your profile by clicking on the link sent to you via email.

5. Once you have verified your email, you can log in to your ChargeHub account and start using it to add photos.

3. How to change your username if you already have an account?

The image below explains in detail how to change your username. Make sure to add 'CH Travel' at the end of your username. For example, you could register as Arnold CH Travel. On iOS, simply click directly on your username to make the change. This allows us to identify campaign participants and allocate charging credits to individuals who have taken valid photos at eligible sites.

4. How to obtain free charging credits

Identify the eligible charging sites, namely those without photos. The prizes will be $1 for eligible photos of Level 2 charging sites and $5 for Level 3 sites. Make sure to meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the "Eligible Photos" section. Charging stations without a photo display "Add Photo" in the app and a camera icon on the ChargeHub website, as shown below:

It's also possible to locate sites without photos using the ChargeHub website. You can click on the map below to access it.

5. How to submit a picture?

1. Open the Chargehub app.

2. Go to the detail page of a charging station.

3. Press the "Select a photo from" button.

4. You now have two options:

    4.1. Take a photo and submit it directly.

    4.2. Download an image from your library.

Video Tutorial on how to upload a photo on ChargeHub app:

6.Make sure that the photos are original and not duplicated or reused from other sources

When adding photos:

  • Include only high-quality photos that are original and do not infringe on external copyright.
  • Note that all added photos will be subject to review by a quality assurance team and AI software that will check their authenticity.


For the duration of the campaign, participants who submit eligible photos will receive free charging credits which will be added to their account in the ChargeHub app:

  • $5 charging credit for a picture from a level three charging site (L3)
  • $1 in charging credit for a picture from a level two charging site (L2)

Refer to the 'Eligible Photos' section to ensure that your picture meets the campaign criteria. 

A user can submit as many photos as they wish. This is an opportunity to earn a lot of free charging credits!

Charging credits will be added progressively throughout the campaign.

Terms & Conditions

No purchase required. Participants must be Canadian residents, who have reached the age of majority in their province or territory of residence at the campaign opening date. To be eligible for charging credits, valid photos must be uploaded via our ChargeHub app. By entering, you agree to abide by the campaign rules and the decisions of ChargeHub which decisions are final and binding on all participants. See the Campaign Rules.

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